World brand representative of Italy

Searching for the best cocoa beans in the world to make the best chocolate, everything started with this thought. The deep passion for chocolate is the most indispensable part of making chocolate. The constant search for perfect chocolate, the thought for impression, these made Amedei. The decision to thoroughly manage all the manufacturing processes was a brave choice of Checielia · Tessieri, the industry's first female chocolate · meister.

This choice eventually came to be acknowledged globally as Amedei which is an innovative and unique existence. Amedei finds the best cocoa farm and cocoa beans with agricultural expertise and environmental consciousness, the most authentic Cru, special intuition and great experience, the prestigious competition in the UK, "London Academy of Observation · Chocolate "has won the Best Beantouver Prize many times.

Business chocolate

Chocolate raw materials suitable for various scenes

Bar Chocolate

1 kilogram of pure bar chocolate, which Amedei built and handwrapped by hand work, can grasp the height of manufacturing technology of Amedei by detailed manufacturing process.

Chip chocolate

Maxi size chip chocolate with Amedei 's logo drawn per grain. It is an ideal existence for adding high sense touch to every dessert.

Grain chocolate

Ideal for any type of dessert or decoration. You can also enjoy it as hot chocolate or ice chocolate shake.