Project of 北加伊道

Aiming at the added value improvement of Hokkaido primary industry

In 2018, we will celebrate 200th anniversary of Mr. Takeshiro Matsuura which is a godfather of 北加伊道 (Hokkaido), and 150th anniversary from the development of Hokkaido. In commemoration of this, KSK Hokkaido will organize a new project for food and tourism connecting Hokkaido Agriculture and Italy.

Recently, in many countries around the world boiling for Japanese food, words such as "sushi" and "ramen" are synonymous with Japanese food all over the world. Especially food in Hokkaido has been highly appreciated in Japan, Hokkaido has come to be noted from the world as well. The industry supporting that food in Hokkaido is nothing but a primary industry such as agriculture and fishery.

Then, what is supporting the primary industry in Hokkaido such as agriculture and fishery, it is based on the experience of the farmers and fishermen that have been inherited by the unpolluted air and the natural scenes brought by mineral-rich water, the experience and technology it might be.However, when thinking about human resources shortage and successor difficulties in the primary industry, there is no guarantee that these technologies will be passed down to Hokkaido in the next 50 years. There is no doubt that treatment such as income and holidays commensurate with labor is the element of choice in order to be selected by the next generation of young people as a charm with agriculture and fishery, but to that extent, How to create "challenging" such as hope and pride as a profession is an important factor. 

Therefore, the Project of 北加伊道 is a project to direct such "temporary" industry's "rewarding", adding the historic Italian traditional food culture or processing technology to the high quality material that Hokkaido's primary industry brings By doing new food and food culture development, it is an opportunity to let the world know the value of Hokkaido's primary industry through food.