Corporate concept

Companies are made up of people. A healthy person makes a healthy company, and corporate moral is formed. In the era where all morals are lacking, we will fulfill the social role of the company pursuing the humility being humiliated, honesty, and the spirit of hard challenge. 


I swear in the center of Taiwan  January 22, 2016

Thank you for visiting KSK Hokkaido this time.

We started business with exporting milk to Taiwan as a major proposition. Needless to say Taiwan, it is a large parent country, and in the event of the 3.11, he contributed relief money for the reconstruction of Tohoku earlier than anywhere else in the world. Among the foreign tourists who visit Hokkaido, Taiwanese tourists account for more than 30% of the total for the total number of destroyers.

One day, the desire to link Hokkaido and Taiwan with agriculture has become the power to realize the export of milk today. Through the export of milk, tourism and logistics in Hokkaido and Taiwan become increasingly active, and it is our wish to contribute to the development of both economies and cultures.

I will pursue various possibilities from now on and will try new challenges without giving up so please continue to expect KSK Hokkaido's success in the future.